Detrusan Value Proposition:

Detrusan is a proven neuromodulation technology that is minimally invasive and has been clinically shown to restore bladder muscle function in over 500 patients in hospitals in the US. The technology constitutes a compelling proposition for all Urinary Incontinence stakeholders.

For patients, it offers the opportunity of real and lasting relief from this difficult and often embarrassing condition with a therapy that enhances patient outcomes without side effects.

For doctors, it is an opportunity to effectively treat this stubborn condition and to positively enhance patient outcomes without known side effects.

For investors and other commercial partners, it is an opportunity to assist in bringing a clinically proven technology to a market of 50 million people whose clinical needs are currently unment.

Clinical Partners:

Medergie are actively seeking clinical partners that specialize in the areas of urogynecology, gynaecology or urology. If you are a potential clinical partner and are interested in learning more about the Detrusan value proposition, please contact us at:

Investment / Commercial Partners:

If you are an investor or other commercial partner and are interested in helping us to deliver our revolutionary technology to the 50 million sufferers in the developed world whose clinical needs are currently unmet, please visit our corporate site or contact us at: