Detrusan is a CE-marked neuromodulatory treatment that has been used to successfully treat over 500 cases of female urinary incontinence in US hospitals since 2001. Medergie continues to build the clinical case for Detrusan and welcomes new clinical partnerships that will help us bring this revolutionary technology to the 50 million UI sufferers in Europe, the US and Canada.

Clinical Endorsements:

"I have found the Detrusan electro stimulation treatment most successful in patients with symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency, and urge incontinence. It has had somewhat dramatic results for me in patients with a spinal neuropathy component to their bladder control. Some patients with pelvic area pain related to neuropathy have also been improved. Patients with mild stress urinary incontinence and poor ability to contract the pelvic floor muscles have improved with intravaginal Detrusan electro stimulation treatments as well."

"I believe that there are many people suffering from what they have been told are incurable cases of incontinence that would benefit from this treatment."

--Dr. J. S. Hardesty M.D., Prof. Gynecology and Obstetrics, Loma Linda University School of Medicine, California.

Selected Clinical Cases:

36 year old nurse with urinary frequency and urge incontinence:

Symptoms began after sustaining injury to coccyx, sacrum and sacroiliac joint in a simple falling accident. Symptoms included urinary urgency, frequency, and sensation of incomplete bladder emptying.

A total of 15 Detrusan treatment sessions were carried out in 2004/05. At the conclusion of these treatments, patient reported zero problems with bladder dysfunction. Patient remains symptom free and has not needed any further treatments.

67 year old with urinary frequency, slow stream and occasional urge incontinence:

Symptoms began after lumbar spinal fusion surgery in 2004. Bi-weekly Detrusan treatments were begun in 2007. After the second treatment session, patient reported significant improvement in bladder control. Following the third Detrusan treatment, patient reported restoration of normal sensation of bladder fullness and had no further episodes of urinary frequency or incontinence.